Performance Psychology

The psychology of performance relates to the understanding of how our thoughts, perceptions, emotions and behaviours interact to influence our ability to perform a task.

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Performance psychologists in Perth

While the sporting arena is a significant area in which performance psychology plays a role, the psychology of performance can also be relevant in the performing arts, exam performance, public speaking, and wherever it is important to perform a task in a specific moment

It is important to remember that for most people, in most pursuits, the over-riding aim is to participate, enjoy yourself and do the best you can. It is normal to feel nervous, to make mistakes and to be less than perfect in how you perform.

Performance psychology does not look to pursue perfection or get rid of emotions and doubts. Rather, it seeks to help people better understand themselves, so they can develop and build their capacity to reproduce the behaviours that help them perform during stressful circumstances. 

performance psychologists Perth
performance psychologists Perth

Our performance psychology services are offered for those who are seeking to attain a high level of attainment in their chosen field, and who are looking to optimise their ability to perform when it matters.

You might be an individual who finds that anxiety or other emotions are interfering with being able to perform in an area you love. You might be an individual who is required to perform in an academic or work-related task, and you know you have the skills,  but you are struggling to consistently manage the task. Or you might be a coach or manager looking to better understand and support the people you lead, so that you can help them more consistently perform. 

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