Child psychology & adolescent psychology

A child psychologist or an adolescent psychologist has a particular interest and experience in psychological conditions of these younger age groups. At J&R Clinical Psychologists, each year we help hundreds of children and adolescents in the Perth community overcome challenges and difficulties in a wide range of areas.

Child Psychologist- Paul Jeffery
Paul JefferyClinical psychologist Perth

Supporting Children & Adolescents

It can feel like a big decision to seek psychological help for your child or teenager. Parents are often unsure if their child's behaviours and emotions are simply a challenging but transient part of "growing up", or something that may benefit from professional help.

Some signs that psychological support may be beneficial are when a child's difficulties are;

  • Interfering in their ability to engage in age-appropriate activities. For example, if the child or teenager is unable to attend school regularly, their grades are dropping, or they are having difficulty playing with friends, engaging in physical activity, eating well, or sleeping well.
  • Causing significant emotional distress over a prolonged period of time.
  • Impacting overtime on family, school or peer relationships.
  • A significant change from their usual level of functioning.
  • Not responding to typical sources of support, encouragement or parent/teacher limit-setting.
Child Psychologists perth

Whether you are seeking help for an anxious child, a child who is refusing to go to school, a child who struggles with friendships, or a child who has challenging behaviours, we are here to provide support.

Our team is highly trained to use evidence-based approaches to identify and work with difficulties that are causing children and families to feel "stuck". We typically meet and work with children and their parents to understand the child’s strengths and challenges. We educate parents when to intervene and when to step back. We strive to support children and young people to feel more confident in managing their struggles.

We understand that children, teens and parents may have some mixed feelings about seeking support. Our child and adolescent psychology team have experience engaging with young people and we work creatively to make the process feel motivating and positive.

Seeing a psychologist can be a proactive step in enhancing long term well-being. Psychological therapy encourages kids to self-reflect, talk & learn how to best respond to their challenges. It can help them cope better, communicate better, develop resilience & feel better about themselves.

Our child & adolescent psychology services

J&R Clinical Psychologists is an established team who have been supporting Perth children and families since 2012. We specialise in providing evidence-based interventions for difficulties such as:

  • Anxiety (Panic attacks, fears and phobias, Social anxiety, obsessions and compulsions (OCD), worry/generalised anxiety)
  • Depression and low mood
  • Stress (this may be due to family or peer relationships, study/exams)
  • Adjustment disorder (difficulty coping after significant change)
  • Family relationship difficulties and peer relationship difficulties
  • Anger management
  • Behavioural problems
  • Low self-esteem
  • Bullying
  • School refusal
  • Conduct disorder
  • Insomnia and sleep difficulties (see for our sleep services)
  • We also work with teens who are facing challenging performance situations such as high-level sport, music or exams. Paul Jeffery, Jakub Dammer and Davinia Lefroy all have an interest working in the performance psychology  and sport psychology area.
  • ADHD assessment and support

Our child & adolescent psychologist team

The J&R Clinical Psychologists in Perth are all AHPRA endorsed, eligible to accept mental health care plans for Medicare rebates, and are registered with private health funds.

The following J&R Clinical Psychologists  clinicians work with children (age 6-12):

  • Caleb Bishop
  • Mikayla Conlan
  • Siobhan Cooper
  • Yasmin Gonella
  • Amy Hamilton
  • Paul Jeffery
  • Eleanor Jones
  • Michelle LaPuma
  • Simon MacLachlan
  • Yashi Yogaraj
  • Anya Hughes

The following J&R Clinical Psychologists  clinicians work with teens:

  • Dylan Kirkpatrick
  • Anya Hughes
  • Davinia Lefroy (15+)
  • Jakub Dammer
  • Olivia Carter (15+)
  • Louise Buck (15+)
  • Siobhan Cooper
  • Simon MacLachlan
  • Amy Hamilton
  • Caleb Bishop
  • Michelle LaPuma
  • Eleanor Jones
  • Yashi Yogaraj
  • Yasmin Gonella (telehealth only)
  • Mikayla Conlan
  • Paul Jeffery
Even though seeking psychological help is now quite common, it can be a daunting process to find the best match.

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